Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Random Sketch Pick!

So this is a sketch I did on Free Comic Book Day for I customer, whom I hope was a happy one! One of my favourites I did on the day, in ink and Promarker!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Various places to find my art

Well I say various, I mean one, DeviantArt! http://willwatt.deviantart.com/
That page contains pretty much everything I have up online, but I'll add more here and there shortly!

So... art... and... things...

I decided early on that I like art. And comics. And the idea of going to Peru and owning a gecko farm. So it was only natural that I would one day combine my interests, and try and do something with said combination (not the Peruvian gecko idea, although I do like the idea that I could have had a Peruvian farm full of comic artists... who are also gecko's). So I went to school, got attacked by both the smart and popular kids, because although I'm a nerd, I'm not a smart one; I then went to High School, took art and some other things, and am now sitting exams, in the hopes that I get into college, and one day find a way to make monetary gain. And that brings us to now, at which point I have been drawing for quite a few years, have recently started doing commissions and selling sketches at local shops, and have apparently set up a blog; feel free to peruse what interests you on here, if anything, I shall try and post regularly, and talk to whoever is paying attention.
Thanks sincerely for whatever,